Prime Minister of Vesi

Hung Du Ho Hung Du Ho Prime Minister of the Principality of Vesi Dates Born September 4th, 1974 Seobukae Spouse Mina Doona Party Vesian National Front Nationality Vesian Parents Yoon Du Ho (Father) Bae Sun-Hu (Mother) Serving as the core political proponent of the nation, the Prime Minister serves in various capacities and holds various… read more »

Vesian Royal Family

Mangjul Dynasty Ch’oe Sun-Young Mangjul Princess of the Principality of Vesi Dates Born August 28th, 1995 Seobukae Spouse N/A Children N/A Nationality Vesian Parents Hu Mangjul (Father) Roe Sun-Young (Mother) The Vesian Royal Family composes the current monarch ruling over the Principality of Vesi as well as his or her’s close relations. Due to various ways… read more »

Principality of Vesi Armed Forces

Principality of Vesi Armed Forces 베시 군의 공국 Emblem of the Principality of Vesi Armed Forces Service branches Navy Air force Army Headquarters Basen Leadership Commander-in-Chief Ch’oe Sun-Young Mangjul Defense Secretary Hung Du Ho Chief of Staff Ko Pyong-Ho Manpower Military age 17 Conscription Yes Active personnel 382,925 Reserve personnel 135,375 Expenditure Budget ₩27,320,566,023 As… read more »

Principality of Vesi

Principality of Vesi National Flag Coat of arms Capital and largest city Seobukae National Anthem “Vesian Patriotic Song” Currency Vesian Won (₩) Language Joseon Government Monarch Prime Minister Unitary parliamentary constitutional principality Ch’oe Sun-Young Mangjul Hung Du Ho Legislature Lower House Upper House National Assembly (Referred to unilaterally as National Assembly) Formation:  Silla-Balhae (1432)  Unified Silla… read more »