Republic of Vaimeria

Vaimerian Republic Vaimerer Republik Ꝩaimland National Flag Coat of arms Capital and largest city   Opel (4.21 million) National Anthem   Worth Dying For Currency   Vaimark (VMK) Language  Old English (Saxon), Russian, Frisian, Dutch, German, English Government Consul Speaker  Federal Republic Aldywn Drake Jinora Vanderbar Legislature Lower House Upper House   Vaimerstag Bundestag Formation:   1543 Time Zone… read more »


  Þéodhere Service branches Landfyrdung Sæfyrdung Lyftfyrdung Headquarters Opel, Vaimeria Leadership Commander-in-Chief TBD ACF Operations Chief TBD TBD Chief TBD Manpower Military age 18 Conscription Wartime Active personnel 272,000 Reserve personnel 40,000 Expenditure Budget $30,121,526,210 As a % of GDP 4.3% Notable engagements 2016 Pan-Slavic Insurgency The Þéodhere is the military of the Vaimerian Republic, officially tasked… read more »