Summers Land

Vittorio Allenschpetzer

Vittorio Grauvant-Allenschpetzer Vittorio Allenschpetzer in his early 20s In office February 2015 – present President Himself Preceded by – Succeeded by – Personal details Born Vittorio Grauvant-Alleschpetzer – Cravat District Hospital, Cravat, Leighenston, Zumter Lande Political party Social Democratic Party of Summers Land Other political affiliations – Parents Mrivan Sonnetag-Grauvant (mother) Bismark Brauchstwig-Allenschpetzer (father) Children… read more »

Diplomacy of Summers Land

Summers Land has made several diplomatic missions in countries, and has established embassies to different nations. Active Embassies in Summers Land Embassy Name of Ambassador Date Deployed Country From Silas Chremon 12/04/2015 United Spartan States James Watanabe 01/06/2016 Epanastasia   Active Embassies of Summers Land Name of Ambassador Location Deployed Date Deployed Luvonia 11/28/2015 Travis… read more »

Constitution of Summers Land

The 2015 Storaniae Constitution is the current constitution of Summers Land. It was made as the official constitution by Vittorio Allenschptezer after implementing the government system reform. 2015 Konstituari Zeestoranii 2015 Storaniae Consitution Preamble We, the citizens of the Social Democratic Federation of Summers Land, subject to the principles of social democratic federalism, to build… read more »

Leighenston City

Leighenston Capital City   Flag Emblem Nickname: The Prosperous Valley Motto: Wollkeren ab dei uppar, wir standen! Country Summers Land Region Leighenston Federal Capital District Districts 63 Zumter Lande Establishment 1857 Summers Land town 1921 Kastilirian center 1923 Communist Leighenston  07/23/1927-10/30/1948 Highly Urbanized City  1962 Government  • Type Mayor–council  • Mayor  Devinji Baron (SDP-SL)  • Vice Mayor  Revyone… read more »

Ur Lande

Ur Lande is the national anthem of Social Democratic Federation of Summers Land. The anthem was formerly the school hymn of the Storanii youth in the Alvertian era. Before, the anthem didn’t have lyrics, but in 1960, Polinio’s lyrics was added and the song was recognized as a marching song. It was used in the military… read more »

Social Democratic Federation of Summers Land

The Social Democratic Federation of Summers Land (SDFSL), also known as Storania is a small nation in northeastern Cotf Aranye. It consists of six main administrative regions: Kastiliria, Nartsemland, Gholpus, Minronia, Suddernland, and Vonderlich. The capital city is Leighenston, and at the same time the most populous. Social Democratic Federation of Summers Land Sozielischte Demokratike… read more »