Trans-Albion Railway

Trans-Albion Railway Overview Type High-speed rail Freight rail Status Operational (out of order: Nordic branch) Locale Albion Termini Dartfordia: Hematite, Lowfield and Churchill Dijelibeybi, Dijel St Elmo City, Tytor Uppsala, UNP (out of order) Stations 6 Operation Opened 9 December 2014 Owner Trans-Albion Railway Company Operator(s) Albostar Albion Express by LS Railways LSA Logistics Rolling stock TBC… read more »

LS Railways

LS-Railways plc Type Public Trading as Darti Stock Exchange: LSR Industry Rail vehicle manufacturing Public transport Founded 9th May 1603 (as Gardner and Williamson Wagonway Company) Founders Thomas Gardner and Henry Williamson   Headquarters Hematite, Dartfordia   Area served Worldwide Key people TBC Products Locomotives High-speed trains Intercity and commuter trains Trams People movers Signalling systems… read more »