Lakhzov Defence Force

Lakhzov Defence Force Higonah Khayil shil Lakhzoviy Service branches Navy Air Force Army Missile Force Headquarters Nakim Leadership Commender-in-Chief Sachim Kadassa Defence Secretary Abesi Hokhav Chief of Staff Ilis Shuziye Manpower Military age 19 Conscription Yes Active personnel 188,029 Reserve personnel 200,000 Expenditure Budget $27Bn As a % of GDP 7.3% Notable engagements The Civil… read more »

Spearhead Missile

  The Spearhead Missile is a stealth supersonic cruise missile manufactured by the East Moreland Aircraft Company (EMAC).  It entered service with the Royal East Moreland Naval Service (REMNS) in May of 2016 and is expected to also be used by the Royal East Moreland Air Force (REMAF).   EMAC describes the missile as a “Unique multi-role, multi-Platform… read more »