Queen Charlene Grivaldi

Charlene Matilda Grivaldi  Queen Charlene in 2016 Queen Charlene Grivaldi (nee Halena) Dates Born August 19, 1968 Solunier Spouse King Lukas III Children Hollande Grivaldi II Nationality Luvonian Parents Matilda Frank & Neal Barthelemy Full Title Queen Charlene Matilda Grivaldi, Queen Consort of the Royal Kingdom of Luvonia  

King Lukas III of Luvonia

Lukas Hollande Grivaldi King Lukas in 2016 King Lukas III Dates Born September 21, 1964 Monescar Spouse Queen Charlene Grivaldi (nee Halena) Children Hollande Grivaldi II Nationality Luvonian Parents Lukas Grivaldi II & Anne Louise Full Title King Lukas Hollande Grivaldi III, King of the Royal Kingdom of Luvonia  

Diplomacy of Summers Land

Summers Land has made several diplomatic missions in countries, and has established embassies to different nations. Active Embassies in Summers Land Embassy Name of Ambassador Date Deployed Country From Silas Chremon 12/04/2015 United Spartan States James Watanabe 01/06/2016 Epanastasia   Active Embassies of Summers Land Name of Ambassador Location Deployed Date Deployed Luvonia 11/28/2015 Travis… read more »

Hymne de Luvoniasque

“Hymne de Luvoniasque” (in English: Anthem of the Luvoniasque) is the national anthem of Luvonia. Martin Harrison wrote the lyrics and composed the music of the 1st edition of Hymne de Luvoniasque in 1912, the same year as the Monescar Revolt. The same year as later Castil Blaze modified the melody and made several other minor changes. The song soon afterwards became… read more »


Grand Monescar Flag Coat of arms Country Region Luvonia Walunia Established July 4, 951 Governance Type Mayor Elected body Devolved authority Michelle Trant Grand Monescar Assembly Geography Area Elevation -17,174 km² -19 m (62 ft) Population 13,268,543 (2015 Estimate)   Time zone Luvonis Standard Time (LST) Representatives – Barthelemy Hughes – Neal Harrison Demonym(s) Monescarers Emergency… read more »


  Royal Kingdom of Luvonia National Flag Coat of arms Capitals Largest city Monescar & Saint Charlette Monescar National Anthem Hymne de Luvoniasque Currency Exchange rate Luvonian Crown (Ⱡ) Ⱡ1 = $1.41 USD Language Luvoniasque & English Government Monarch Prime Minister Unitary parliamentary constitutional monarchy King Lukas III Jawn Bradley Legislature Lower House Upper House… read more »