Raisa Chownyk

Raisa Chownyk Raisa Chownyk in 2016 High Priestess of Sessifet 2008-present Born January 6, 1960 Anker, Lodja Spouse Unmarried Children None Nationality Lodjain Parents Lord Viktor Chownyk & Lady Hanna Chownyk Raise Chownyk (born 6 January 1960) is the High Priestess of Sessifet. Early Life Raisa was born in 1960, the second child of Lord & Lady… read more »

Viktoriya Tar

Viktoriya Tar Viktoriya Tar in 2016 Her Divine Majesty Queen of  Lodja, Guardian of Sessifet 27/4/2016 – present Born 26/3/1998 Isle of Tar Spouse Yet to marry. Children None Nationality Lodjain Parents Lord Ivan and Lady Marit of of Yovela Other info Childhood Viktoriya Tar was born on the Isle of Tar, one of Lodja’s small… read more »

Besarion Ivanov

Besarion Ivanov Lord Ivanov in 2016 Lord Besarion (Ivanov) of Leubin 2006-present Born 5th July 1980 Leubin, Eastern Lodja Spouse Unmarried Children No Children Nationality Lodjian Parents Lord Boris of Leubin & Lady Ingrid of Leubin Other info Early Life Born on the royal estate in Leubin in 1980 he is the eldest of three… read more »