History of Lakhzovia

History of Lakhzovia Early Settlement (~1800BCE) The earliest evidence for agrarian settlement dates back many thousands of years, however the first evidence of widespread organised society dates to approximately 1800BCE. At this point first appears decorated ceramics categorised by archaeologists as ‘Early Whiteware’ and is characteristic of the Mercuria Basin Culture (MBC) which thrived on the… read more »


Overview Kerenism is a polytheistic religion followed by the Utman people. It derives it name from the chief deity of the Kerenist pantheon, ‘Lord Keren’, who was the patron God of the Kinerite tribes centred in the ancient Kingdom of Kinere. The religion is mainly practised in the Transmecuria region of the Lakhzov Republic on… read more »

Lakhzov International Relations

This page lists the international relations of the Lakhzov Republic. Multi-lateral Treaties and Organisation The Outer Space Standards Convention The Commonwealth Treaty Organisation Fair Seas Concordat Treaty for the Protection of Hygelac and Hrothgar Uppsala Convention Network of Republics West Aranye International Throng (W.A.I.T.) Cultural Exchange Treaty Organisation   Bilateral Treaties Pyrena-Nakim Accord (Lakhzovia-Rokkenjima)  … read more »


Overview ”’Emetism”’ (originally from the Lakhzov: ”emeyt” “truth”) is the religion of the Lakhzov and Axicz peoples. It is an ancient, monotheistic religion with the Takhmud as its foundational text. It encompasses the religion, philosophy, and culture of the Lakhzov people. Emetism is considered by religious Emetists to be the expression of the special relationship… read more »

Lakhzov Defence Force

Lakhzov Defence Force Higonah Khayil shil Lakhzoviy Service branches Navy Air Force Army Missile Force Headquarters Nakim Leadership Commender-in-Chief Sachim Kadassa Defence Secretary Abesi Hokhav Chief of Staff Ilis Shuziye Manpower Military age 19 Conscription Yes Active personnel 188,029 Reserve personnel 200,000 Expenditure Budget $27Bn As a % of GDP 7.3% Notable engagements The Civil… read more »

Constitution of the Republic of Lakhzovia

The Constitution of Lakhzovia was completed in 1991 and was ratified by the National and Provincial Senates by early 1992 with the exception of the Mulang Tribal region where a lack of agreement between tribal leaders has resulted in the document being stalled. As a result the Constitution is currently in effect in all parts… read more »

Republic of Lakhzovia

The Republic of Lakhzovia (Lakhzov Republic) is a nation situated on the Peniche Bay in western Cotf Aranye. Formed in 1986 after the collapse of the United Peoples’ Republic the country suffered decades of ethnic conflict before relative peace was restored in 2007. Lakhzovia remains in an official state of emergency, a status which is… read more »