Iunctus Ordo

Iunctus Ordine Pugnae

Iunctus Ordine Pugnae Service branches Corps of Officers Corps of Infantry Corps of Armor Corps of Navy Corps of Air Headquarters Surlingenberg Military Depot, Alsland Leadership Commander-in-Chief Chancellor Gunther Schulman Consul Board Representative Lord Marshal Justin Wexler Corps Commandants Officers: LM David Kapp Infantry: LM Klaus Gerster Armor: LM Thomas Schober Navy: LM Florentin Nimitz… read more »

Respublica Ordinis

Respublica Ordinis National Flag Coat of arms Capital and largest city Alsberg National Anthem  Es war ein Edelweiß Currency Exchange rate Alsmarks (¤) 0.58 ¤ = USD 1 Language Alsrussic (Language heavily based on German with influence from Latin, Polish, French, and Greek) Government Presidential Electee: (Elected) Martial Advisor: (Appointed) Militaristic Democratic Republic [VACANT] Felix… read more »