List of Ikhani Flags

This list consists of the compiled flags and standards currently in use by the Empire of Ikhan, it’s constituent states, and any nations that had once existed in it’s current lands. Many of these flags hold official status within Ikhan. National Flags  Flag  Date  Use  Description  1968 -present National Flag of the Empire of Ikhan Five… read more »

The Empire of Ikhan

Ikhan   < National Flag   Imperial Seal Capitaland largest city Ikan National Anthem Ik tan Arashin! CurrencyExchange rate Murai Nikai (₰)₰1 = USD 0.75 Language Arashin, Murai Sign Language, Avosai, Nirai Government MonarchPrime Minister Federal parliamentary democracy under constitutional monarchy Esik I Vahram ve SherkozAshot Ekhral Legislature Lower HouseUpper House Chamber of DeputiesImperial Senate… read more »