Lakhzov Defence Force

Lakhzov Defence Force Higonah Khayil shil Lakhzoviy Service branches Navy Air Force Army Missile Force Headquarters Nakim Leadership Commender-in-Chief Sachim Kadassa Defence Secretary Abesi Hokhav Chief of Staff Ilis Shuziye Manpower Military age 19 Conscription Yes Active personnel 188,029 Reserve personnel 200,000 Expenditure Budget $27Bn As a % of GDP 7.3% Notable engagements The Civil… read more »

The Ionia Confederacy

Ionia National Flag Coat of arms Capital and largest city Knightsgrave and Hamantra National Anthem Lullaby From a Distant Land Currency Exchange rate Holy Rupee (╬) ╬1 = USD 1 Language Varku, English Government -Premier -Leader of the Opposition Democratic Republic -Khorican Vaju -Darisp Natarus Legislature -Senate -Premier’s Council Formation: – END of WW1 Time Zone TBD… read more »

The Dominion of Veduro

The Dominion of Veduro National Flag Coat of Arms Capital Largest City Pracchia Anthea National Anthem Dominion of Freedom Motto “Pro Natione” Currency Exchange rate Veduran Florint (VFl) Flt1 = USD 1 Language Veduran Government Monarch Premier Constitutional Monarchy Maria-Therese Valieri Burlusconi Legislature Upper House Lower House Lord’s Council People’s Council Formation: – 1862 Time… read more »

The Holy Dominion of Hrael

The Holy Dominion of Hrael   National Flag   Coat of arms Capital Hrakkn National Anthem [PENDING] Currency Khep K Exchange Rate K1.00 = USD 0.33 Language Hraellic Government Theocratic Triumvirate Novid Imperator Premier Tylus V Andros Arragar III Duros Marrakhan Legislature Novidiium Time Zone Rokkenjima Meridian Time + 1 Demonym(s) Hraelites Population 5 million… read more »