East Moreland

HMS Duke Adam (18th Century)

Model made from historic blueprints Name HMS Duke Adam Used by Royal East Moreland Navy (1710-1712) Cameron Blackburn (1712-1722) Port of Registry Portworth, East Moreland Builder Royal Dockyards, Portworth Cost $302,718 Dates Launched:- 1709 Commissioned:- 1710 Mutiny: 1712 Sunk:- 1722 Status Scuttled in Illumic Channel General Characteristics Size Tons burthen Length Beam Armament: 200bm 31.4 meters… read more »

Spearhead Missile

  The Spearhead Missile is a stealth supersonic cruise missile manufactured by the East Moreland Aircraft Company (EMAC).  It entered service with the Royal East Moreland Naval Service (REMNS) in May of 2016 and is expected to also be used by the Royal East Moreland Air Force (REMAF).   EMAC describes the missile as a “Unique multi-role, multi-Platform… read more »

Red Legion (East Moreland)

Red Legion Type East Moreland Special Forces Motto Jekar’s Spearhead Founded 23rd of May 642AD Founders The People of East Moreland   Headquarters Red Legion Barracks, Aldfield, East Morleand Strength Approx.800 Notable Red Legionnaires Brigadier Kelly (current commander) Maj.Alex Redfern (former Chief of Royal Household) Sgt.Olly Thomas Cpt.Robbie Peacock Cpl.Paul Abrahams Cpl.Thomas Barks Lt.James Gillespie… read more »

Princess Freya Ironside

Freya Kathleen Ironside Freya in 2016 Princess of East Morleand (Twice Regent) Major in the Moreland Light Scouts Born 14th June 1986 Northfort, East Moreland Spouse Unmarried Children Childless Siblings Joanna Ironside (deceased) David Ironside Nationality Morelander Parents  King Sven Ironside (d.2010) & Lady Helena Ironside (d.2013) Other info Freya is the younger sister of… read more »

Queen Matilda Ironside

Matilda Rosalind Osman Queen Matilda in 2016 Queen of East Moreland 2011-present Born 2nd April 1986 Portworth, East Moreland Spouse King David III of East Moreland Children Rhiannon Ironside Caspian Ironside (deceased) Nationality Morelander Parents Lord Lucas Osman Lady Emily Osman Siblings Jessica Osman Erin Osman Other info The middle daughter of one of East Moreland’s… read more »

King David III of East Moreland

David Robert Ironside King David in 2016 King of East Moreland 2010-present Born 23rd of May 1981 Northfort Spouse Queen Matilda Ironside (nee Osman) Children Rhiannon Ironside Caspian Ironside (deceased) Siblings Joanna Ironside (d.2015) Freya Ironside Nationality Morelander Parents King Sven Ironside (d.2010) & Lady Helena Ironside (d.2013) Other info Education East Moreland Academy of… read more »

The Kingdom of East Moreland

The Kingdom of East Moreland National Flag Coat of arms Capital and largest city Northfort (population 800,000) National Anthem Helus Call Currency Exchange rate East Moreland Pound (EM£) Language English & Morelandish Government Monarch Prime Minister Absolute Monarchy with supporting council King David III Henrietta Quinn Legislature Lower House Upper House   The Royal Council… read more »