List of Dartfordian Flags

This list includes flags that either have been in use or are currently used by the Dartfordian Empire, Kingdom of Dartfordia, or any of the countries that preceded it. The College of Arms is the authority on the flying of flags in Southfleet, Darenth, Wilmington and Hawley, and maintains the only official register of flags for these… read more »

Cross-Straits Treaty Organisation

Cross-Straits Treaty Organisation Motto: Animus in consulendo liber (Latin: “A mind unfettered in deliberation”) Headquarters  Juliar, Rokkenjima Official languages English Rokkenjiman Quinntopian Member states 5 Leaders Supreme Allied Commander Secretary-General   TBC TBC Formation Cross-Straits Treaty (2013) Palace Ansemi, Rokkenjima The Cross-Striats Treaty Organisation (CSTO) is an intergovernmental military alliance based on the Cross-Straits Treaty which was signed on… read more »

Politics of Dartfordia

The Kingdom of Dartfordia is a mostly federal democracy governed within the framework of a constitutional monarchy, in which the Monarch is the head of state and the Prime Minister of Dartfordia is the head of government. Executive power is exercised by His Majesty’s Government, on behalf of and by the consent of the Monarch, as well as by… read more »

Armed Forces of Dartfordia

His Majesty’s Dartfordian Armed Forces Service branches Royal Dartfordian Navy Royal Dartfordian Army Royal Dartfordian Air Force Headquarters Burnham, Southfleet Leadership Commender-in-Chief King George I Defence Secretary TBC Chief of Staff TBC Manpower Military age 18 Conscription No Active personnel 200,000 Reserve personnel 200,000 Expenditure Budget £77,521,423,865 As a % of GDP 3.5% Notable engagements… read more »

Queen Elizabeth 2

Picture History Name HMY Queen Elizabeth 2 Owner 1969–1998: Cunard Steamship Company Ltd 1998–2008: Carnival Corporation & plc 2008-2014: Istithmar 2014-present: Royal Dartfordian Navy Operator 1969–2008: Cunard Line 2014-present: QE2 Arendelle Ltd (for the Cross-Straits Union and Heritage Ships) Port of Registry 1969–2008, 2014-present: Arendelle, Dartfordia 2008-2014: UAE Route During Cunard service: Kyne Sea Since 2014: Local cruises… read more »


Greater Hematite Flag Coat of arms Country Region Dartfordia Southfleet Established As city and county Expanded As region 2 June 1839 19 May 1956 22 February 1977 Governance Mayor Elected body Devolved authority Michael Johnson Greater Hematite Assembly Geography Area Elevation   1,972 km2 35 m (115 ft) Population 13.1 million Time zone Albion Mean Time Representatives… read more »

Trans-Albion Railway

Trans-Albion Railway Overview Type High-speed rail Freight rail Status Operational (out of order: Nordic branch) Locale Albion Termini Dartfordia: Hematite, Lowfield and Churchill Dijelibeybi, Dijel St Elmo City, Tytor Uppsala, UNP (out of order) Stations 6 Operation Opened 9 December 2014 Owner Trans-Albion Railway Company Operator(s) Albostar Albion Express by LS Railways LSA Logistics Rolling stock TBC… read more »

LS Railways

LS-Railways plc Type Public Trading as Darti Stock Exchange: LSR Industry Rail vehicle manufacturing Public transport Founded 9th May 1603 (as Gardner and Williamson Wagonway Company) Founders Thomas Gardner and Henry Williamson   Headquarters Hematite, Dartfordia   Area served Worldwide Key people TBC Products Locomotives High-speed trains Intercity and commuter trains Trams People movers Signalling systems… read more »

Cross-Straits Union

Cross-Straits Union Motto: United in Diversity Capital Arendelle, Dartfordia (de facto) Official languages Various Member states 6 (plus 1 observer) Leaders Secretary-General Chairman of the CS Council Speaker of the CS Parliament   Catherine Ashton TBC TBC Legislature Cross-Straits Parliament Cross-Straits Council Formation Treaty of Elpidiana (2014) Population 1,198,778,620 GDP TBC Currency Multiple Headquarters of the Cross-Straits… read more »

Alexander Anselmo

Alexander Anselmo Anselmo in 2016 Emperor of Rokkenjima Since 2014 Prince of Littlebrook Since 2014 Born 22 April 1992 Rochester Palace, Hematite Spouse Beatrice Anselmo Children Adriana Anselmo Lucius Anselmo Amari Anselmo (deceased prior to birth) Nationality Dartfordian and Rokkenjiman Parents King George I and Queen Elizabeth Religion Atheist Alma mater University of Wilmington Residence Pyrena Castle,… read more »