Cotf Aranye

History of Lakhzovia

History of Lakhzovia Early Settlement (~1800BCE) The earliest evidence for agrarian settlement dates back many thousands of years, however the first evidence of widespread organised society dates to approximately 1800BCE. At this point first appears decorated ceramics categorised by archaeologists as ‘Early Whiteware’ and is characteristic of the Mercuria Basin Culture (MBC) which thrived on the… read more »


Overview Kerenism is a polytheistic religion followed by the Utman people. It derives it name from the chief deity of the Kerenist pantheon, ‘Lord Keren’, who was the patron God of the Kinerite tribes centred in the ancient Kingdom of Kinere. The religion is mainly practised in the Transmecuria region of the Lakhzov Republic on… read more »

Kingdom of Weremark

Kingdom of Weremark Kuningsgard Wærmark National Flag Coat of arms Capital and largest city Hailia Motto Motto: “Andaláus Ihre, Magnem Liuda.” “Endless Honor, Great Prosperity.” Currency Exchange rate Eagle £1 = USD 400 Language Recognised regional languages Werman Low Werman, Altbergish, Norse Government King Duke of Altberg Feudal Kingdom Dagmund Altberg Magnus Altberg Legislature House of Lords… read more »

Trans Cotf Aranye Railroad Project (Proposed)

Trans Cotf Aranye Railway Project Map:(Concept) Overview Type High-speed rail Freight rail System  No arrangements have been made around this point. Status Proposed (Iberian Trade Union) Locale Cotf Aranye Termini Iberia: Gelrerpoort (Port), Den Dieppe(Port), Amissa, Keitingen, Westerbank Kaitaine: Tokulel: Summersland: Galician Union: Mercia: Katsrok: Agira Latina: Free Temcluse: Stations Current: 5 Proposed Operation Opened… read more »

Lakhzov Defence Force

Lakhzov Defence Force Higonah Khayil shil Lakhzoviy Service branches Navy Air Force Army Missile Force Headquarters Nakim Leadership Commender-in-Chief Sachim Kadassa Defence Secretary Abesi Hokhav Chief of Staff Ilis Shuziye Manpower Military age 19 Conscription Yes Active personnel 188,029 Reserve personnel 200,000 Expenditure Budget $27Bn As a % of GDP 7.3% Notable engagements The Civil… read more »

Republic of Vaimeria

Vaimerian Republic Vaimerer Republik Ꝩaimland National Flag Coat of arms Capital and largest city   Opel (4.21 million) National Anthem   Worth Dying For Currency   Vaimark (VMK) Language  Old English (Saxon), Russian, Frisian, Dutch, German, English Government Consul Speaker  Federal Republic Aldywn Drake Jinora Vanderbar Legislature Lower House Upper House   Vaimerstag Bundestag Formation:   1543 Time Zone… read more »

Republican Khaganate of Castamere

The Republican Khaganate of Castamere Bügd Nairamdakh uls In Republican Khaganate de Castamere National Flag Royal Seal Capital Yalavech National Anthem Rains of Castamere Currency Exchange rate Castamerian Rupee ₹1 = USD 2.25 Languages Latin, Khel, English Government Khagan Lord Protector Parliamentary Republic under a semi-absolute Monarchy Alistair Khan Daymon Altani Legislature Lower House Upper… read more »

The Dominion of Veduro

The Dominion of Veduro National Flag Coat of Arms Capital Largest City Pracchia Anthea National Anthem Dominion of Freedom Motto “Pro Natione” Currency Exchange rate Veduran Florint (VFl) Flt1 = USD 1 Language Veduran Government Monarch Premier Constitutional Monarchy Maria-Therese Valieri Burlusconi Legislature Upper House Lower House Lord’s Council People’s Council Formation: – 1862 Time… read more »

Republic of Lakhzovia

The Republic of Lakhzovia (Lakhzov Republic) is a nation situated on the Peniche Bay in western Cotf Aranye. Formed in 1986 after the collapse of the United Peoples’ Republic the country suffered decades of ethnic conflict before relative peace was restored in 2007. Lakhzovia remains in an official state of emergency, a status which is… read more »

Social Democratic Federation of Summers Land

The Social Democratic Federation of Summers Land (SDFSL), also known as Storania is a small nation in northeastern Cotf Aranye. It consists of six main administrative regions: Kastiliria, Nartsemland, Gholpus, Minronia, Suddernland, and Vonderlich. The capital city is Leighenston, and at the same time the most populous. Social Democratic Federation of Summers Land Sozielischte Demokratike… read more »