The Royal Army of the Kingdom of Vaguzia (RAKV)

The Royal Army of the Kingdom of Vaguzia is made out of 5 divisions: The Royal Vaguzian Airforce (RVA) The Royal Vaguzian Marine  (RVM) The Royal Vaguzian Navy (RVN) The Royal Vaguzian Commandos (RVC) The Royal Vaguzian Engineers (RVE)   In Vaguzia you serve the army mandatory from your 17th till your 21th   The… read more »


  Þéodhere Service branches Landfyrdung Sæfyrdung Lyftfyrdung Headquarters Opel, Vaimeria Leadership Commander-in-Chief TBD ACF Operations Chief TBD TBD Chief TBD Manpower Military age 18 Conscription Wartime Active personnel 272,000 Reserve personnel 40,000 Expenditure Budget $30,121,526,210 As a % of GDP 4.3% Notable engagements 2016 Pan-Slavic Insurgency The Þéodhere is the military of the Vaimerian Republic, officially tasked… read more »