The Holy Island of Kingdom of Greater and Lesser Foxtrove

Kingdom of Greater and Lesser Foxtrove National Flag                                 Coat of Arms Capital  Saint Peters National Anthem “Men of War” National Animal Foxtrovian Red Fox Currency Exchange rate Peltas (£) £ 1 = $2.76 Language(s) Whetian, Wyian Government Absolute Monarchy Legislature Current King King Graham Tuorholm Formation: First Kingdom (1285-1398) Second Kingdom (1398-current) Time… read more »

The Divine Queendom of Lodja

The Divine Queendom of Lodja National Flag Coat of arms Capital and largest city Gaia (population approx. 2,000,000) National Anthem This is my Land Currency The Geld (G) Language Lodjain & Russian   Government   An elected for life Queen with autocratic power supported by a council of nobles and Priestesses. Queen ???????? Lord of… read more »

Trans-Albion Railway

Trans-Albion Railway Overview Type High-speed rail Freight rail Status Operational (out of order: Nordic branch) Locale Albion Termini Dartfordia: Hematite, Lowfield and Churchill Dijelibeybi, Dijel St Elmo City, Tytor Uppsala, UNP (out of order) Stations 6 Operation Opened 9 December 2014 Owner Trans-Albion Railway Company Operator(s) Albostar Albion Express by LS Railways LSA Logistics Rolling stock TBC… read more »

Kingdom of Dartfordia

  National Flag Capital and largest city Hematite National Anthem Royal Anthem We Stand on Guard for Thee (God Save the King) Currency  Exchange rate Dartfordian Pound (£) £1 = USD 1.8204 Language English, Dartfordian Sign Language, Stonian (official in Stone only) Government Monarch Prime Minister Federal parliamentary democracy under constitutional monarchy George I Daniel… read more »