The Holy Empire of Achkaerin

Achkaerin formally the Holy Empire of Achkaerin, is the most northerly nation on Mundus situated as part of the Cotf Aranye continent. It is an absolute monarchy founded on the equivalent of the 6th of June 191 BC following the ‘War that Forged Achkaerin’ a conflict that united the six provinces of the modern nation…. read more »

Cross-Straits Union

Cross-Straits Union Motto:¬†United in Diversity Capital Arendelle, Dartfordia¬†(de facto) Official languages Various Member states 6 (plus 1 observer) Leaders Secretary-General Chairman of the CS Council Speaker of the CS Parliament   Catherine Ashton TBC TBC Legislature Cross-Straits Parliament Cross-Straits Council Formation Treaty of Elpidiana (2014) Population 1,198,778,620 GDP TBC Currency Multiple Headquarters of the Cross-Straits… read more »