Ohkantuy (Religion) Heavy WIP

Ohkantuy, also known as ‘Ohkanism’, is a polytheistic/pantheist and animistic religion or philosophy that acts as the guiding principles for Ahkabnil. Okkantetlluy is based on the teachings of the Lord Ohkan, otherwise referred to as the Divine Teacher, who pioneered and led a philosophical revolution, sparking religious intrigue and an age of enlightenment within what is modern day Ahkabnil. Today, Ohkantuy is considered both a philosophy or religion, it can be atheistic in its interpretation, though ceremonial pantheons are still observed.

Ohkantuy puts great emphasis on balance and moderation, as well as adaptation in a constantly moving world. Therefore, structure, strong values and hierarchical foundations are heavily sought after in order to guide this; in many ways, Ohkantuy is not only a guide for personal conduct, but instructions on how an entire society should be structured. Ohkanism believes there are two competing forces that are everything, such as life and death, good and evil, etc, however these forces act as one universal truth, that is the world. Everything is one, moving through time, life and death particularly are necessary for the continuation of the world as it evolved and acts upon itself. Ohkanism believes something to the effect, that every physical thing is this monistic force and contributes to its personality. The one force, with all its dualistic features, is referred to as ‘Yaotenmel’ and lives as an omnipresent force through everything.

This comes down to Ohkantuy’s belief in aesthetics, specifically art in this regard. As it’s believed the omnipresent force of Yaotenmel lives in us all, it is believed that everyone must seek to worship it in every physical aspect, as it’s believed the work put into the appearance and aesthetics of everything honors it and keeps it alive. When expert craftsmanship is put into a building or careful attention is put into an individual’s appearance, it is considered spiritual and most of all respectful to the sacred life gifted by the gods, or rather Yaotenmel. This also ties into beliefs in structure, Ahkabnilian society particularly, will plan and structure society with aesthetics in mind. An orderly society is an aesthetically pleasing one which leads to a wholesome life in Yaotenmel, and an obedient and happy people. Art must not strictly remain religious in the context of Ohkantuy however, any art that spans, music, painting, dance, etc is considered honorable enough, therefore Ohktantuy encourages a wide array of artistic expression.

Cosmological views play a pivotal role in Ohkanism, as the belief in a vital cosmic order is fundamental to the establishment of Yaotenmel and bridges the gap between the Spirit World to the Physical Realm. The sun, moon and stars are observed as parts of an essential cycle to Yaotenmel; this consistent cycle is observed as balance through time and space, all part of the singular cosmic order which binds all the things. Ohkanist Cosmology feeds directly into the concept of ‘Push and Pull’ – as the sun, moon and earth were observed as initially pushing and pulling on eachother in an endless cycling dance through the cosmos. The sun, is seen as the Goddess of Light, Hwelana which provides warmth and life.

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