Lakhzov International Relations

This page lists the international relations of the Lakhzov Republic.

Multi-lateral Treaties and Organisation

The Outer Space Standards Convention

The Commonwealth Treaty Organisation

Fair Seas Concordat

Treaty for the Protection of Hygelac and Hrothgar

Uppsala Convention

Network of Republics

West Aranye International Throng (W.A.I.T.)

Cultural Exchange Treaty Organisation


Bilateral Treaties

Pyrena-Nakim Accord (Lakhzovia-Rokkenjima)




Sanctions imposed due to ongoing violation of human rights through institutionalised slavery.

  • No diplomatic relations
  • Frozen assets
  • Import/export ban
  • Travel ban


Sanctions imposed due to lack of fair judicial process, cruel and unusual punishment.

  • Travel ban for for regime officials
  • Asset freeze for regime officials


Communist state, systematic human rights abuses

  • No diplomatic relations
  • Travel ban
  • Import/export ban


Recognised Terror Organisations

  • Utman Liberation Organisation
  • Khaliniz Brigades (Utman)
  • Hand of Emet
  • Borland Separatists
  • Grand Republican Army
  • Truthsayers (Bene Gesserit military arm)