List of Ikhani Flags

This list consists of the compiled flags and standards currently in use by the Empire of Ikhan, it’s constituent states, and any nations that had once existed in it’s current lands. Many of these flags hold official status within Ikhan. National Flags  Flag  Date  Use  Description  1968 -present National Flag of the Empire of Ikhan Five… read more »

The Empire of Ikhan

Ikhan   < National Flag   Imperial Seal Capitaland largest city Ikan National Anthem Ik tan Arashin! CurrencyExchange rate Murai Nikai (₰)₰1 = USD 0.75 Language Arashin, Murai Sign Language, Avosai, Nirai Government MonarchPrime Minister Federal parliamentary democracy under constitutional monarchy Esik I Vahram ve SherkozAshot Ekhral Legislature Lower HouseUpper House Chamber of DeputiesImperial Senate… read more »

History of Lakhzovia

History of Lakhzovia Early Settlement (~1800BCE) The earliest evidence for agrarian settlement dates back many thousands of years, however the first evidence of widespread organised society dates to approximately 1800BCE. At this point first appears decorated ceramics categorised by archaeologists as ‘Early Whiteware’ and is characteristic of the Mercuria Basin Culture (MBC) which thrived on the… read more »


Overview Kerenism is a polytheistic religion followed by the Utman people. It derives it name from the chief deity of the Kerenist pantheon, ‘Lord Keren’, who was the patron God of the Kinerite tribes centred in the ancient Kingdom of Kinere. The religion is mainly practised in the Transmecuria region of the Lakhzov Republic on… read more »

Lakhzov International Relations

This page lists the international relations of the Lakhzov Republic. Multi-lateral Treaties and Organisation The Outer Space Standards Convention The Commonwealth Treaty Organisation Fair Seas Concordat Treaty for the Protection of Hygelac and Hrothgar Uppsala Convention Network of Republics West Aranye International Throng (W.A.I.T.) Cultural Exchange Treaty Organisation   Bilateral Treaties Pyrena-Nakim Accord (Lakhzovia-Rokkenjima)  … read more »


Overview ”’Emetism”’ (originally from the Lakhzov: ”emeyt” “truth”) is the religion of the Lakhzov and Axicz peoples. It is an ancient, monotheistic religion with the Takhmud as its foundational text. It encompasses the religion, philosophy, and culture of the Lakhzov people. Emetism is considered by religious Emetists to be the expression of the special relationship… read more »

Rasinbranischtanjia: A Historical Guide

Overview:                     https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nytAVHAbP8Q (Above Left: The National Flag of The Federal Republic of Rasinbranischtanjia) (Above Right: Map of the Federal Republic of Rasinbranischtanjia) Link: National Anthem of Rasinbranischtanjia The Federal Republic of Rasinbranischtanjia, pronounced (RAH-zin-brrah-nish-taan-yah), emerged as a nation after the signing of the Treaty of Aschenputtenalia… read more »

Ohkantuy (Religion) Heavy WIP

Ohkantuy, also known as ‘Ohkanism’, is a polytheistic/pantheist and animistic religion or philosophy that acts as the guiding principles for Ahkabnil. Okkantetlluy is based on the teachings of the Lord Ohkan, otherwise referred to as the Divine Teacher, who pioneered and led a philosophical revolution, sparking religious intrigue and an age of enlightenment within what… read more »

The Kingdom of Vaguzia

  Infobox   National Flag Capital and largest city Vallis (Capital) Saburi (Largest City) National Anthem National Religion Inno al Re Cult of Izra Currency  Exchange rate Vaguzian Scambire(ƒ) 1ƒ = 0.33334$ Language Vaguzian, Latin, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Morelandish Government Monarch Prime Minister Federal parliamentary democracy under constitutional monarchy Leonard II Xavier Jésus Legislature Lower… read more »

The State of Ahkabnil

State of Ahkabnil National Flag Emblem Capital and largest city Chanal National Anthem “From Blood to Land” Currency Ahkabnilian Yepet Language Ahkabnilian Government Revered Speaker High Overseer Semi-Theocratic Confederacy Teudili Anan Intlan Meeshoch Legislature Lower House Upper House Kalliochti(Great House) High Circle Common Hall Formation: Northern Empire(???) Time Zone WAMT (West Ardian Mean Time) Demonym(s)… read more »