Rasinbranischtanjia: A Historical Guide

Overview:            (Above Left: The National Flag of The Federal Republic of Rasinbranischtanjia) (Above Right: Map of the Federal Republic of Rasinbranischtanjia) Link: National Anthem of Rasinbranischtanjia The Federal Republic of Rasinbranischtanjia, pronounced (RAH-zin-brrah-nish-taan-yah), emerged as a nation after the signing of the Treaty of Aschenputtenalia… read more »


The Federal Republic of Gaviria National Flag Coat of Arms Capital Colombia Anthem Liberation March Currency Peso (₱) Language Spanish Government President Vice President   Republic Mauricio Macri Gabriela Michetti   Legislature Lower House Upper House Congress The Chamber The Senate Formation: July 20, 1810 Time Zone UTC-69 Demonym(s) Gavirian Population 79,527,000 GDP Per Capita… read more »


Grand Monescar Flag Coat of arms Country Region Luvonia Walunia Established July 4, 951 Governance Type Mayor Elected body Devolved authority Michelle Trant Grand Monescar Assembly Geography Area Elevation -17,174 km² -19 m (62 ft) Population 13,268,543 (2015 Estimate)   Time zone Luvonis Standard Time (LST) Representatives – Barthelemy Hughes – Neal Harrison Demonym(s) Monescarers Emergency… read more »

Leighenston City

Leighenston Capital City   Flag Emblem Nickname: The Prosperous Valley Motto: Wollkeren ab dei uppar, wir standen! Country Summers Land Region Leighenston Federal Capital District Districts 63 Zumter Lande Establishment 1857 Summers Land town 1921 Kastilirian center 1923 Communist Leighenston  07/23/1927-10/30/1948 Highly Urbanized City  1962 Government  • Type Mayor–council  • Mayor  Devinji Baron (SDP-SL)  • Vice Mayor  Revyone… read more »


Greater Hematite Flag Coat of arms Country Region Dartfordia Southfleet Established As city and county Expanded As region 2 June 1839 19 May 1956 22 February 1977 Governance Mayor Elected body Devolved authority Michael Johnson Greater Hematite Assembly Geography Area Elevation   1,972 km2 35 m (115 ft) Population 13.1 million Time zone Albion Mean Time Representatives… read more »