Political Geography

Rasinbranischtanjia: A Historical Guide

Overview:                     https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nytAVHAbP8Q (Above Left: The National Flag of The Federal Republic of Rasinbranischtanjia) (Above Right: Map of the Federal Republic of Rasinbranischtanjia) Link: National Anthem of Rasinbranischtanjia The Federal Republic of Rasinbranischtanjia, pronounced (RAH-zin-brrah-nish-taan-yah), emerged as a nation after the signing of the Treaty of Aschenputtenalia… read more »


  Kingdom of Mapleston Royaume de Mapleston National Flag Capital Largest city Mapleville Louismont National Anthem Ode to Mapleston Currency Maple Sterling (£) (KMS) Languages English, French Government Monarch Premier Federal parliamentary constitutional monarchy Patricia Pierre Fouché Legislature Upper house Lower house Parliament Senate House of Commons Formation: Grand Treaty: 10 April 1690 Time Zone… read more »

The Republic of Saheristan

The Republic of Saheristan   Capital and largest city Al-Qādisiyyah Currency Exchange rate Dinar 1 Saheri Dinar (D). = 0.29 US Dollar Official Language Saheri Regional Languages Lalishi (unofficial) Government President Unitary Unicameral Democratic Presidential Republic Khalid Amin Ashkan Legislature Assembly of Representatives Interations: Maziar Sultanate (independent): pre-June 1798 Asharid Sultanate: June 1798-late 1801, Asharid… read more »

First Empire of Rokkenjima

First Empire of Rokkenjima National Flag Imperial Seal Capital and largest city Pyrettania, Azukishima Prefecture National Anthem Isle of the Blessed Gem Rokkenjima Ducat Exchange rate Ducat (र) र1 = USD 1.85 Language Rokkenjiman (Japanese), English, Latin Government Empress Premier Absolute Monarchy, Parliamentary Democracy Evanthe Rhodes Shinzo Abe Legislature Lower House Upper House The Imperial… read more »

Ardian Commonwealth of Euirasia

The Ardian Commonwealth of Euirasia is a relatively impoverished nation in north Ardia. The Kingdom began life as a Governate of the Ardian Empire during its expansionist period. The historic wealth of the Kingdom came mainly from its control of a strategic trade hub and from the agricultural produce of the fertile land. Following the… read more »

Kingdom of Weremark

Kingdom of Weremark Kuningsgard Wærmark National Flag Coat of arms Capital and largest city Hailia Motto Motto: “Andaláus Ihre, Magnem Liuda.” “Endless Honor, Great Prosperity.” Currency Exchange rate Eagle £1 = USD 400 Language Recognised regional languages Werman Low Werman, Altbergish, Norse Government King Duke of Altberg Feudal Kingdom Dagmund Altberg Magnus Altberg Legislature House of Lords… read more »

The Holy Island of Kingdom of Greater and Lesser Foxtrove

Kingdom of Greater and Lesser Foxtrove National Flag                                 Coat of Arms Capital  Saint Peters National Anthem “Men of War” National Animal Foxtrovian Red Fox Currency Exchange rate Peltas (£) £ 1 = $2.76 Language(s) Whetian, Wyian Government Absolute Monarchy Legislature Current King King Graham Tuorholm Formation: First Kingdom (1285-1398) Second Kingdom (1398-current) Time… read more »

Grand Republic of Bykrestan

Grand Republic of Bykrestan National Flag National seal Capital and largest city Leocaster National Anthem “Hail, Hail Bykrestan” (Instrumental) National Animal Magpie Currency Exchange rate Bykrestani Caviza (₡) ₡1 = $1.4417 Language(s) English, Bykrestani Government Supreme Chancellor First Minister Semi-presidential parliamentary democracy Severin Constantine Halsten Huskarl Legislature Speaker Grand Plenum Koldobika Kervorkian Formation:  Kingdom of… read more »

The State of Ahkabnil

State of Ahkabnil National Flag Emblem Capital and largest city Chanal National Anthem “From Blood to Land” Currency Ahkabnilian Yepet Language Ahkabnilian Government Revered Speaker High Overseer Semi-Theocratic Confederacy Teudili Anan Intlan Meeshoch Legislature Lower House Upper House Kalliochti(Great House) High Circle Common Hall Formation: Northern Empire(???) Time Zone WAMT (West Ardian Mean Time) Demonym(s)… read more »

Syndicated Confederacy of Himeyama

Syndicated Confederacy of Himeyama 商会の連合国姫山 National Flag National seal Capital Shidarekawa National Anthem “Blue Skies” Currency Himeyan Kobankai (₭₭) Languages Recognized Languages Himeyan Akhabnilian Cojotani Joseon Government Premier Executive Administrator Federal Parliamentary Democracy Shiina Musashi Legislature Lower House Upper House Confederate Assembly Confederate Round Table The Spire Formation: Principality of Himekuno (1360) Himekuno Republic (1928)… read more »