Rasinbranischtanjia: A Historical Guide

Overview:            (Above Left: The National Flag of The Federal Republic of Rasinbranischtanjia) (Above Right: Map of the Federal Republic of Rasinbranischtanjia) Link: National Anthem of Rasinbranischtanjia The Federal Republic of Rasinbranischtanjia, pronounced (RAH-zin-brrah-nish-taan-yah), emerged as a nation after the signing of the Treaty of Aschenputtenalia… read more »

The Republic of Saheristan

The Republic of Saheristan   Capital and largest city Al-Qādisiyyah Currency Exchange rate Dinar 1 Saheri Dinar (D). = 0.29 US Dollar Official Language Saheri Regional Languages Lalishi (unofficial) Government President Unitary Unicameral Democratic Presidential Republic Khalid Amin Ashkan Legislature Assembly of Representatives Interations: Maziar Sultanate (independent): pre-June 1798 Asharid Sultanate: June 1798-late 1801, Asharid… read more »

Prime Minister of Vesi

Hung Du Ho Hung Du Ho Prime Minister of the Principality of Vesi Dates Born September 4th, 1974 Seobukae Spouse Mina Doona Party Vesian National Front Nationality Vesian Parents Yoon Du Ho (Father) Bae Sun-Hu (Mother) Serving as the core political proponent of the nation, the Prime Minister serves in various capacities and holds various… read more »

Vesian Royal Family

Mangjul Dynasty Ch’oe Sun-Young Mangjul Princess of the Principality of Vesi Dates Born August 28th, 1995 Seobukae Spouse N/A Children N/A Nationality Vesian Parents Hu Mangjul (Father) Roe Sun-Young (Mother) The Vesian Royal Family composes the current monarch ruling over the Principality of Vesi as well as his or her’s close relations. Due to various ways… read more »

Ignacio III

Ignacio III  Artwork anno 2016 King of the Iberian Republic Reign 30 April 2015 – present Inauguration 30 April 2015 Predecessor Eturiu de Dulca (1923-1939) Heir apparent  House Cue Prime Minister Adelbert van Hoorn Born 20-5-1989 Swolla Spouse unmarried Children – Nationality Iberian Parents Alber d’Guti – Lena d’Guti-Strauss Religion Gnostic/Shinto. Free-Mason Ignacio was born… read more »


The Federal Republic of Gaviria National Flag Coat of Arms Capital Colombia Anthem Liberation March Currency Peso (₱) Language Spanish Government President Vice President   Republic Mauricio Macri Gabriela Michetti   Legislature Lower House Upper House Congress The Chamber The Senate Formation: July 20, 1810 Time Zone UTC-69 Demonym(s) Gavirian Population 79,527,000 GDP Per Capita… read more »

Victricia Felysian

Victricia Felysian Victricia Felysian unknown year Queen of the Cario Felysians 2016- Born October 1st, 1990 Fort Livian Spouse Kapitus Jutari(deceased) Children Victricia the Fourth(deceased) Aemorian Jutari(deceased) Nationality None Parents Father: Grand Chieftain Dako(deceased) Mother: Unknown concubine Other info none Victricia Felysian, was the first Queen of the Felysian people. During the Doom of Felysia… read more »

Empress Maria-Therese I Visconti

  Crown Princess, Maria-Therese Visconti Maria-Therese in 2014 Empress of Veduro 20th June 2016 – Present Duchess of Antium 7th December 2014 – Present Born 3rd March 1991 Savoy House Hospital, Antium City Spouse Duke George of Antium (m. 2014) Children Princess Adreana (b.2016) Nationality Veduran Parents Prince Michel Princess Mathilde Other info Catholic Maria-Therese… read more »

Raisa Chownyk

Raisa Chownyk Raisa Chownyk in 2016 High Priestess of Sessifet 2008-present Born January 6, 1960 Anker, Lodja Spouse Unmarried Children None Nationality Lodjain Parents Lord Viktor Chownyk & Lady Hanna Chownyk Raise Chownyk (born 6 January 1960) is the High Priestess of Sessifet. Early Life Raisa was born in 1960, the second child of Lord & Lady… read more »

Dictator Albrich Adolf of KaiserAdolf

Alma Mater Other infoCan include religion, residence, alma mater, website, etc.Other infoCan include religion, residence, alma mater, website, etc. Albrich Adolf Albrich in 2016 Supreme Commander of the Army and Navy of KaiserAdolf De Facto Dictator of KaierAdolf Dates Born 4th December 1998 Adolf Royal Palace Spouse None None None Nationality KaiserAdolfian Parents Yasser Arafat and… read more »