National Anthems

Rasinbranischtanjia: A Historical Guide

Overview:            (Above Left: The National Flag of The Federal Republic of Rasinbranischtanjia) (Above Right: Map of the Federal Republic of Rasinbranischtanjia) Link: National Anthem of Rasinbranischtanjia The Federal Republic of Rasinbranischtanjia, pronounced (RAH-zin-brrah-nish-taan-yah), emerged as a nation after the signing of the Treaty of Aschenputtenalia… read more »

Hymne de Luvoniasque

“Hymne de Luvoniasque” (in English: Anthem of the Luvoniasque) is the national anthem of Luvonia. Martin Harrison wrote the lyrics and composed the music of the 1st edition of Hymne de Luvoniasque in 1912, the same year as the Monescar Revolt. The same year as later Castil Blaze modified the melody and made several other minor changes. The song soon afterwards became… read more »

Ur Lande

Ur Lande is the national anthem of Social Democratic Federation of Summers Land. The anthem was formerly the school hymn of the Storanii youth in the Alvertian era. Before, the anthem didn’t have lyrics, but in 1960, Polinio’s lyrics was added and the song was recognized as a marching song. It was used in the military… read more »