Trans Cotf Aranye Railroad Project (Proposed)

Trans Cotf Aranye Railway Project Map:(Concept) Overview Type High-speed rail Freight rail System  No arrangements have been made around this point. Status Proposed (Iberian Trade Union) Locale Cotf Aranye Termini Iberia: Gelrerpoort (Port), Den Dieppe(Port), Amissa, Keitingen, Westerbank Kaitaine: Tokulel: Summersland: Galician Union: Mercia: Katsrok: Agira Latina: Free Temcluse: Stations Current: 5 Proposed Operation Opened… read more »


The Federal Republic of Gaviria National Flag Coat of Arms Capital Colombia Anthem Liberation March Currency Peso (₱) Language Spanish Government President Vice President   Republic Mauricio Macri Gabriela Michetti   Legislature Lower House Upper House Congress The Chamber The Senate Formation: July 20, 1810 Time Zone UTC-69 Demonym(s) Gavirian Population 79,527,000 GDP Per Capita… read more »

Trans-Albion Railway

Trans-Albion Railway Overview Type High-speed rail Freight rail Status Operational (out of order: Nordic branch) Locale Albion Termini Dartfordia: Hematite, Lowfield and Churchill Dijelibeybi, Dijel St Elmo City, Tytor Uppsala, UNP (out of order) Stations 6 Operation Opened 9 December 2014 Owner Trans-Albion Railway Company Operator(s) Albostar Albion Express by LS Railways LSA Logistics Rolling stock TBC… read more »