The Holy Island of Kingdom of Greater and Lesser Foxtrove

Kingdom of Greater and Lesser Foxtrove National Flag                                 Coat of Arms Capital  Saint Peters National Anthem “Men of War” National Animal Foxtrovian Red Fox Currency Exchange rate Peltas (£) £ 1 = $2.76 Language(s) Whetian, Wyian Government Absolute Monarchy Legislature Current King King Graham Tuorholm Formation: First Kingdom (1285-1398) Second Kingdom (1398-current) Time… read more »


The Sentinate of Mayakaze National Flag Coat of arms Capital and largest city Ark Valor(4.5 million) National Anthem Call to the Isle Currency Exchange rate Tomnin (₮) ₮1 = USD 1.02 Language Mayakazese Government Grand Sentinel Absolute Monarchy Clementine Tempest Legislature Unicameral Council The Oracle Table Formation: – sometime in the thing Time Zone Alucard… read more »