Mundovision Song Contest

Mundovision Song Contest Also known as Mundovision MSC Genre Song Contest Created by Edward Watson Based on La Vida Music Festival Mundus Live Presented by Various Theme music Te Deum by Marc-Antoine Charpentier Country of origin Kingdom of Dartfordia Official language English History Number of series 1 Current winners East Moreland (1) Most successful East Moreland… read more »

The Doom of Felysia (Natural Disaster)

Doom of Felysia Eruption of Mount St. Titus, Felysia Volcano Mount St. Titus Date 27 June 2016 Type Plinian eruption Location Felysian Islands VEI 5 Impact Buried hundreds of Elysian settlements, wider ecological impact in the northern hemisphere The Doom of Felysia, otherwise known as the Felysian Destruction, was a volcanic cataclysm that occurred 27 June 2016, the… read more »

Mundus Champions League

Mundus Champions League Logo of the Mundus Champions League Champions League Trophy Founded 2015 Region Worldwide Number of teams 32 Current champions IFK Krokom Most successful club IFK Krokom (1 title) Broadcasters Various (see here) Eligibility See here The Mundus Champions League, known simply as the Champions League, is an annual international club football competition organised by the… read more »

Greenville F.C.

Greenville F.C. is an association football club {{Infobox football club | clubname = Greenville Football Club | image = | image_size = | alt = | caption = | fullname = | nickname = | short name = | founded = | dissolved = | American = | ground = <!– or: stadium –> |… read more »

Formula Mundus

Formula Mundus (also FM) is the highest class of single-seat auto racing on Mundus. The Formula Mundus World Championship has been the premier form of racing since the inaugural season in 2014. The “formula”, designated in the name, refers to a set of rules, to which all participants’ cars must conform. The FM season consists of a series of… read more »