Constitution of the Republic of Lakhzovia

The Constitution of Lakhzovia was completed in 1991 and was ratified by the National and Provincial Senates by early 1992 with the exception of the Mulang Tribal region where a lack of agreement between tribal leaders has resulted in the document being stalled. As a result the Constitution is currently in effect in all parts… read more »

Constitution of Summers Land

The 2015 Storaniae Constitution is the current constitution of Summers Land. It was made as the official constitution by Vittorio Allenschptezer after implementing the government system reform. 2015 Konstituari Zeestoranii 2015 Storaniae Consitution Preamble We, the citizens of the Social Democratic Federation of Summers Land, subject to the principles of social democratic federalism, to build… read more »

Constitution of Dartfordia

The constitution of Dartfordia. Constitution Act 1924 Whereas His Imperial Majesty George III of the Dartfordian Empire proclaimed on 1 July 1921 that should His Imperial Majesty‚Äôs Most Loyal Armed Forces be triumphant in the face of opposed ideology, the Dartfordian Empire shall be dissolved in favour of a Royal Kingdom with a constitutional monarch,… read more »