Armed Forces of Dartfordia

His Majesty’s Dartfordian Armed Forces
Service branches Royal Dartfordian Navy
Royal Dartfordian Army
Royal Dartfordian Air Force
Headquarters Burnham, Southfleet
Commender-in-Chief King George I
Defence Secretary TBC
Chief of Staff TBC
Military age 18
Conscription No
Active personnel 200,000
Reserve personnel 200,000
Budget £77,521,423,865
As a % of GDP 3.5%
Notable engagements
First World War
Second World War
First Dartfordian Civil War (1917-24)
Second Dartfordian Civil War (1949-1953)
First Safraen War
Reunification of Safraen
Eugenics War (Seaforth)
CTOMM (Marseilles)

The His Majesty’s Dartfordian Armed Forces (usually known as His Majesty’s Armed Forces, the Dartfordian Armed Forces or simply the Armed Forces) is the military of the Kingdom of Dartfordia, tasked with defence of the country, promoting its wider interests, supporting international peacekeeping efforts, and providing humanitarian aid. It is made up of three main divisions: the Royal Dartfordian Navy, a blue-water navy with a fleet of 86 commissioned ships; the Royal Dartfordian Army, the country’s principal land warfare branch; and the Royal Dartfordian Air Force, a technologically sophisticated air force with a diverse operational fleet consisting of both fixed-wing and rotary aircraft.

The concept of a singular Armed Forces of Dartfordia only emerged during the First World War, where consistent disagreements between the army and navy led to the Prime Minister called upon the Emperor to establish the Imperial War Forces Commission (IWFC) in 1915 for a temporary period. Proving a successful endeavour, and following an increasingly hostile nation towards the government, the Emperor brought the IWFC under more central control, thereby officially establishing His Imperial Majesty’s Most Loyal Armed Forces. With the change from an Empire to Kingdom in 1924, the Imperial Navy changed their name to the Royal Dartfordian Navy, and both the Royal Dartfordian Army (replacing a less-central system) and Royal Dartfordian Air Force (previously the Imperial Air Force Commission) were formally established. The name of the joint force remained in use until 1967, when the King adopted the new name.

In modern times, the three divisions remain independent of each other, but share the same Chief of Staff and increasing share operational resources including recruitment, HR, training facilities and overseas bases.

Royal Dartfordian Navy

The Royal Dartfordian Navy is the oldest of the three service branches, having been founded as the Imperial Navy in 1744 after the mergers of the Southfleet and Littlebrook navies. It was renamed Royal Dartfordian Navy in 1924.

One oddity with the Dartfordian Navy is its use of a dinosaur in every ship class, this has been a requirement by law since 1842, when Emperor Alexander II issued an Order in Council (Dinosaur Discovery Recognition Order 1842) to recognise the achievements of notable Dartfordian scientists in the discovery of dinosaur fossils. The same order also established the Natural History Museum in Hematite, and specified that if a ship class had more than two ships, at least one of those must be named after the most recent dinosaur discovered within the Empire (not already taken by another ship). This was amended in 1902 to include any species of dinosaur discovered in the Empire (regardless of when it was discovered), and again in 1963 to include any species of dinosaur discovered worldwide.

Major bases

  • Queen Katenka Naval Base, Dartfordia (Rokkenjiman territory)
  • Nomadic Naval Base, Dartfordia
  • Minerva Military Base, Dartfordia
  • HMNB Akrotiri, Rokkenjima (Dartfordian territory)
  • Queen Adriana Military Base, Rishiri Island (Rokkenjima)


 Photo  Class name  Type Number of ships  Name of ships
 Posted Image Strood Class Aircraft carrier  2 HMDS Strood
HMDS Styracosaurs
Posted Image

Churchill Class

(Minstrel Class in Rokkenjima)

Amphibious Assault Ship 3 HMDS Churchill
HMDS Centrosaurus
HMDS Cydonia
Posted Image Tennant Class Destroyer 16 HMDS Tennant
HMDS Tetris
HMDS Tireless
HMDS Terror
HMDS Torrent
HMDS Tyrannosaurs
HMDS Triumph
HMDS Temptation
HMDS Talent
HMDS Tormentor
HMDS Torchwood
HMDS Tardis
HMDS Toothless
HMDS Truden
HMDS Tempest
Posted Image Buoyancy Class Frigate 14 HMDS Buoyancy
HMDS Buckingham
HMDS Beckon
HMDS Bounty
HMDS Belfort
HMDS Beagle
HMDS Braganza
HMDS Brunel
HMDS Bacon
HMDS Brontosaurus
HMDS Beatrice
HMDS Baldrick
HMDS Bullingdon
HMDS Beckham
Posted Image

Salmond Class

(Sturgeon Class in Rokkenjima)

Assault Ship 2 HMDS Salmond
HMDS Saichania
Posted Image Sherwood Class Submarine 10 HMDS Sherwood
HMDS Supersaurus
HMDS Siamese
HMDS Saffron
HMDS Southfleet
HMDS Spitelout
HMDS Sunnyside
HMDS Stanley
HMDS Sunderland
HMDS Stanton
Posted Image Graduate Class Patrol ship 12 HMDS Graduate
HMDS Glorious
HMDS Galifrey
HMDS Gallery
HMDS Georgia
HMDS Giraffatitan
HMDS Godzilla
HMDS Gigantic
HMDS Goliath
HMDS George
HMDS Grandeur
Posted Image Aniu Class Patrol boat 20 HMDS Aniu
HMDS Aladar
HMDS Alucard
HMDS Agility
HMDS Anson
HMDS Arendelle
HMDS Alonsi
HMDS Alonso
HMDS Astute
HMDS Ankylosaurus
HMDS Axiom
HMDS Anabelle
HMDS Arcadia
HMDS Alpha
HMDS Angola
HMDS Akrotiri
HMDS Anthem
HMDS Astute
HMDS Attlee
HMDS Ashley
Posted Image Wilmington Class Survey vessel 3 HMDS Wilmington
HMDS Warwick
HMDS Wintonotitan
Posted Image Cove Class Icebreaker 1 HMDS Cove
Royal Yacht Dartania Class Royal Yacht 1 HMY Dartania

Funded under a Private Financial Initiative (PFI) scheme with Carillon. The company paid for the construction of the ship, and is responsible for its port-side maintenance and commercial operations. The Dartfordian Royal Navy is responsible for non-commercial operations, including security and looking after members of the Royal Family on board.

 Posted Image Queen Elizabeth 2 Class Ocean Liner (classified as Royal Yacht) 1 HMY Queen Elizabeth 2
Operated by QE2 Arendelle Ltd, a not-for-profit company, and serves as a hotel ship for the Cross-Straits Union for nine months a year and a cruise/heritage liner for Heritage Ships for the other three


Royal Dartfordian Army


Active Personnel: 120,000
Reserves: 140,000
Total Forces: 260,000

Major bases

  • Apollo Army Base, Dartfordia
  • Hambley Army Base, Dartfordia
  • Minerva Military Base, Dartfordia
  • Queen Adriana Military Base, Rishiri Island (Rokkenjima)


Rifle: Hambley Heckler
Pistol: Sauer Pro
Rocket Launcher: The Ally
Sniper Rifle: Magnum


Battle Tanks: 427 Hawthorns
Armoured vehicles: 530 LandRover Snarches
[Amongst others I don’t have the understanding to include]

Royal Dartfordian Air Force

Major bases

  • Milestone Air Base, Dartfordia
  • Widow-Tweed Air Force Base, Dartfordia
  • Minerva Military Base, Dartfordia
  • Queen Adriana Military Base, Rishiri Island (Rokkenjima)



Posted Image
AlboFighter Storm
Number: 200


Posted Image
AlboStrike Night Fury
Number: 103


Posted Image
AlboBomber Wind
Number: 70

Transport Aircraft

Posted Image
AlboTransporter Duty
Number: 15
Aircraft Refuelling Tanker
Posted Image
AlboFueller Extender
Number: 4


Posted Image
AlboCopter Flame
Number: 60


Posted Image
AlboAV Greyscale
Number: 70