Alexander Anselmo

Alexander Anselmo

Anselmo in 2016

Emperor of Rokkenjima
Since 2014
Prince of Littlebrook
Since 2014
Born 22 April 1992
Rochester Palace, Hematite
Spouse Beatrice Anselmo
Children Adriana Anselmo
Lucius Anselmo
Amari Anselmo (deceased prior to birth)
Nationality Dartfordian and Rokkenjiman
Parents King George I and Queen Elizabeth
Religion Atheist
Alma mater University of Wilmington
Residence Pyrena Castle, Rokkenjima

Alexander George Anselmo (née Vaughan; born 12 June 1992) is the Prince of Littlebrook, Emperor of Rokkenjima and heir to the throne of the Kingdom of Dartfordia.

Anselmo, the son of King George I and Queen Elizabeth, was born in Hematite in 1992, and spent the first years of his life living at Rochester Palace, the home of the Dartfordian monarch. His early years were marred by fear of assassination, following the murder of his Grandfather months before his birth. At age 11 he attended Lexia Secondary School, a comprehensive school in the suburbs of Hematite, the first senior member of the Royal Family to go to a state school under the pseudonym Oliver McCoy. He attended the University of Wilmington, getting a Master’s degree in History, before spending nine months with the Royal Dartfordian Navy.

Following his departure from the navy, Anselmo enrolled in the diplomatic corps, where on a tour he met Beatrice Anselmo, Empress of Rokkenjima. The two later married and had two children, Adriana and Lucius.

Anselmo is openly bisexual and has taken part in a number of national and international LGBT events, including the world’s first Mundus Pride.